Positively Psychological

What is meant by the term Positively Psychological, and how does it apply to me?

Most of you who have followed me to this point know me by the username of “The Inquisitive Mind.” You probably have also noticed a complete remodel of my website (hopefully you like it!) There were a few reasons why this was necessary for me to do, and I think you will actually find them pretty interesting. I will then describe why I changed the name of the site to “Positively Psychological,” which I feel also has some pretty interesting reasoning behind it that you will enjoy.

First, while I really enjoyed using the name “The Inquisitive Mind,” I learned very quickly that it probably wasn’t wise to use this name in the long term. I originally chose it because I feel that people’s minds, in general, have a tendency to become very curious about the world once some basic physical and psychological needs are met. Basically, I believe that someone having an inquisitive mind is a byproduct of having some important facets of life taken care of (at least, for the most part). However, in the process of making strong and meaningful relationships with you guys, I quickly realized that the username was not being interpreted in the way that I originally intended. I think that people thought it referred specifically to me, when I truly believe that anybody could have an inquisitive mind given ample resources. This was the main reason behind the name change. I wanted to make this blog less about me and my thoughts and instead focus more on providing content I think will be of interest to everybody. That, and the domain name of theinquisitivemind.com was actually already taken, believe it or not! I was excited to see, however, that positivelypsychological.com was not!

So why did I choose this new name then? Well, for starters, I do feel that this is a much more inclusive name to you guys than my original name. Anybody can be positively psychological, which is what I hope to show you guys throughout my posts! I feel that the term can be used in several ways. One, It can refer to a state of well-being in an individual. For example, when someone is in a perceived state of well-being in their mind, they can be said to be positively psychological. I also think that it describes someone who is thinking more rationally about the ultimate meaning and purpose of their lives. These are very pressing questions to be answered in the relatively small amount of time we each have here on Earth. Therefore, I think that being in a positively psychological state is something to be strived for as well. Perhaps the term “positive psychologically” could be used synonymously if you prefer that, but I liked how the term “logical” in the word “psychological” was emphasized at the end the word, which is why I ultimately chose the username I have today. Hopefully this makes a little more sense now, but feel free to ask me any clarifying questions as well. It would probably be fun for me to think even more about how this name could be interpreted in a good way!

Lastly, I would like to make my mission as a blogger a bit more clear to you guys. In case I have not mentioned it before, I have a very strong interest in several subjects, which is reflected in my triple major curriculum at the Oregon State University Honors College. My experiences to date from growing up in the rural area of a small Oregon college town, along with this curriculum, have helped me tremendously in finding a path towards a more meaningful and fulfilling life. This is true to such an extent that I found it necessary to share several topics that I learned about with you guys. These topics have helped me tremendously in my own life, and I hope that you find them beneficial in your lives as well! This is why I begin each post with a question. My intent is to introduce a topic that is probably new to the majority of readers, and then demonstrate how knowing that concept can be of benefit to their own lives! Although most of my posts will be written from the perspective of positive psychology, I will likely be tapping into several other relevant subjects as well. Honestly, all subjects are related to each other at the end of the day!

Update: There is an option on the sidebar to contribute directly to the site if you so wish to help with covering the costs of running it. I just give this as an option to anyone who wants to help out, but there is absolutely no pressure to do so!

I really look forward to continue building relationships with you guys, and to hopefully provide you interesting content applicable to your own lives. Thanks for reading, and I hope that you are all doing well!


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